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CID Laboratory

The CID laboratory at the University of Sheffield was developed to meet the needs of the Contaminant Ingress into Distribution Systems project. Alongside its use for the CID project the laboratory has also been used for other research projects including; leakage detection using pressure transients and acoustic signals, mobilisation of biofilms due to transient pressures and the characterisation of dynamic leaks in viscoelastic pipe.

Rig Schematic:

CID Schematic

PumpTest SectionTransient Producing ValvePressure Sensor

New Rig

CID Experimental Facility at the University of Sheffield

The CID experimental facility consists of a 141m MDPE pipe loop, with an attached aperture section allowing us to vary a large number of flow and ground water conditions as well as differing leak shapes and sizes. The ingress of a pseudo contaminant can be measured using a dye tracer method, whilst monitoring the pressures and flow rates through out the system.


Diagram of the main test section box used for the experimental investigation (left), and actual setup with buried leaking pipe and injected pseudo pollutant (right).


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