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Contaminant Intrusion Cavitation
Dynamic Leakage

The influence of pressure transients on the dynamic behaviour of sensitive leaks was assessed. The video below highlights the time and pressure dependence of longitudinal slits in viscoelastic pipe, signficant when quantifying the risk of contaminant ingress and the effectiveness of leak detection/localisation technologies using pressure transient information.

Dynamic leakage behaviour.

The dynamic nature of leaks in pressurised pipes is also of great signficiance when assessing the pressure-leakage relationship of leaks in live distribution systems. A detailed understanding of the specific behaviour of individual leaks is crucial in the development of effective leakage management strategies.

An investigation to quantify the leakage behaviour of longitudinal slits in viscoelastic pipe was as part of a PhD research completed by Sam Fox titled "Understanding the Dynamic Leakage Behaviour of Longitudinal Slits in Viscoelastic Pipes". The investigation concluded that the dynamic nature of the leak area is the primary factor defining the distinct pressure-leakage relationship.


Maintained and updated by Sam Fox, June 2015